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DynaFlight® Software Suite is a novel one-stop-shop solution for aircraft design, analysis, and certification. Its closely coupled modules are integrated with Intel® MKL, IMSL®, and NVIDIA CUDA® mathematical libraries for one of the most efficient plenary aerospace computational platform.

OtusTech is a technology startup company, developing state-of-the-art flight loads analysis software. We also provide technical services and engineering solutions to general aviation industry from concept to certification. Contact us for preliminary aircraft aerodynamic design studies, Loads certification analysis, and flight test solutions.


All in One Aircraft Loads Software

The software is developed in C++ and FORTRAN languages with state of the art Intel MKL, IMSL, and GPU based CUDA mathematical libraries. The project is funded by Ignite – National Technology Fund in collaboration with Centre of Advanced Studies in Engineering – CASE.


An innovative approach to the vortex lattice method (VLM) allows for easy modelling and analysis of complex geometries with multiple surfaces, to conduct steady as well as unsteady aerodynamic analyses. The results include CL, CD, CM, body forces, pressure distribution, control surface hinge moments, and lift/drag distributions. In addition, Alpha, Beta, and control surface deflection sweeps can be set up in an interactive tool for quick and accurate analysis, derivative calculation, and plotting.

Flight Dynamics

Flight Dynamics module utilizes the efficient IMSL® libraries for rapid solution of 6-DOF equations of motion. Closely coupled with unsteady VLM for user-defined 6-DOF modeling and control surface inputs, for steady trim and maneuver loads analysis. Flight Dynamics module computes angle of attack, sideslip angle, roll rate, pitch rate, yaw rate, and control surface deflection angles for swift assessment of FAR and CS load cases.


  • Closely coupled Aerodynamic and Structural dynamics solvers for aeroelastic analysis
  • Propeller blade design and analysis
  • Flapping wing analysis
  • Gust modeling
  • Open Modelica and Simulink® Integration

More features of DynaFlight

Look-Up Tables

State and control vector sweep / Derivatives Calculation

Structural Dyanmics

Eigenvalue solution / Transient analysis / Nastran model import

Internal Loads

Internal Structural Loads / Inertial and aerodynamic loads

Our Services

Otus Technologies can work as an extension of your company to identify needs and develop an actionable, dynamic plan that delivers short-term success and addresses your long-term strategy.

Software Development

Custom software development in C++, Intel Fortran, and .NET environment, Graphic Engine Development. More…

Engineering Solutions

Aircraft aerodynamic and structural loads analysis, Aeroelastic/Aeroservoelastic Calculation. More…

Licensing & Support

DynaFlight customer support, Versions and patch updates, Online and onsite training. More…

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Meet the team behind the development of state-of-the-art in-flight loads software.

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